Flyin’ High

I looked out my balcony on the ship and I saw someone parasailing early in the morning. Thought it was a perfect picture moment! In the water, you can see ripples that the boat that was pulling them left behind. Looks fun (and also very scary!) I was glad that I was safe in my comfy room instead of flying over the ocean!


(Catalina Island)



Taking Flight

Bird_V_Walker_2018 copy

I went on my first cruise last year in November. After eating lunch with my family, I took a few minutes to get familiar with the layout of the ship. So I walked outside to the nearest deck and walked around. Everything was so new (and I had no idea how I was going to get back to where my family was!) Anyway, as I was walking around, I saw this cute bird. He was just sitting on a ledge looking out at the city of San Pedro.

I took out my phone cause I thought it was a perfect picture moment. So I pressed the button to take a picture and…well I guess I scared him because he flew away. I didn’t know at the time because the sun was shining on my phone, but this was what I captured instead. It came out even better than I expected! It is definitely one of my favorites pictures I’ve taken! 🙂

Bleach Flowers

bleach flowers v walker 2017These flowers were in my front yard and the only way I noticed them was because my mom kept talking about smelling a bleachy smell when she’d go outside. So we followed our noises and stopped when we got to these little guys. They are absolutely beautiful! But they smell horrendous!

It was fun photographing them and my camera naturally focused on the bunch that is the clearest. I like that it blurred out the others, I didnt have to do any editing on this one! 🙂

Blossom of Sunshine

Sunny BlossomI took this picture when my bouquet of sunflowers were fresh and beautiful! I love that you can see all the individual petals. There is just so much detail in flowers and that is why I love to photograph them.

Fallen Sunflower

Crispy Sunflower

I recently received a bouquet of sun flowers. I was so happy because they are my absolute favorite! So after I benefited from their beauty,  I decided to enjoy them one last time in an arrangement before throwing them out.

Photo taken by ToriaJean 2017